Better Know A Voter Spotlight: Tog Er, MO (3/3)

As part of an ongoing series, we’re asking readers to fill out our survey to see what issues are important to them. While we will eventually draw broader conclusions and summarize the results, we’re going to start by presenting individual voter’s answers. Today we’re highlighting the responses from Tog Er, of Missouri.


Tog Er

How old are you?


What state are you from?


What is your occupation?

Food Scientist

What issue was most important to you in the 2016 presidential election? Why?

Economy and National Security. Not enough Americans in the workforce, and even if they wanted to be, there aren’t enough well-paying jobs right now. Too few people working to support too many people not working. We need a social safety net, but it is out of control right now which plays in to the lagging economy. National Security wise, the President’s job is to protect the American people, and the last 8 years of weakness have allowed many bad hombres to gain power around the world.

As of today, do you approve of the President’s performance? Explain:

Yes, if you look at the substance, he is actually getting things accomplished. The style could be improved – less petty stuff, less tweeting. Stick to economy, jobs, national security, border security, etc and he will be fine.

What are your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act?

Complete and utter disaster that was rammed through Congress without a single Republican vote. Thousands of pages that undoubtedly went unread by our lazy politicians before they passed it. Lots of people could not keep their doctor as Obama promised they could. Many of the state co-ops have totally failed. Insurance companies continue to pull out of exchanges and leave some people with only one or sometimes no providers in their area. Premiums are skyrocketing. Deductibles are increasing. Oh yea, and financially, it’s a mess. Needs to be repealed and replaced with a much better plan.

Do you believe the current U.S. immigration policy needs to change? If so, how?

Yes. First of all, secure the border. Stop the flow of illegal aliens coming in. That’s the first step before we do anything else. Once the border is secure, we can make sensible new laws that allow foreign nationals to come here much more easily and work for certain periods of time in places we need them, such as in California in the agricultural sector. Also, increase vetting for anything coming to this country.

Do you support cutting Medicaid and Social Security? Why?

As I said earlier, we need a social safety net, as in the case of Medicaid. Some people truly do need it. But right now, the numbers indicate that we have a much deeper lying problem, tying into the economy. Almost 1/4 of Americans have to rely on Medicaid right now, which is far too many people to continue supporting in a sustainable way. Smart cuts need to be made by removing waste and abuse. As far as Social Security goes, it’s projected to run out in less than 2 decades, so clearly the system is broken, but I don’t have the answers. We may have to consider raising the age of retirement.

What should the government’s role in energy production be?

We have enough oil and gas reserves here in our own country to sustain us for the near future, so we need to become 100% energy independent and not rely on any foreign countries, most of which are NOT our allies. Be smart, continue to improve our current technology for cars and other things that use energy to decrease emissions, because a clean world benefits everyone. At the same time, let the private sector work on new energy technologies. The government cannot simply stop using fossil fuels suddenly, or force green energy on private citizens before it’s ready or cost effective. But, once the technology does become available to put solar panels on your house for instance, that allow you to pay less than you currently pay for fossil fuel energy, you’ll start seeing way more solar panels. But that innovation needs to come from the private sector, not from the government.

What do you believe the federal government’s top three priorities should be?

1. National Security – protect the people from foreign threats
2. Individual Rights – protect our freedoms (speech, etc.)
3. Robust Economy – certain things need regulation, but not so much where it totally smothers business and makes it hard for people to make money

Where do you get your news from? Please list any publications, channels, or websites you frequent:

Fox News Channel
Political Magazines (Time, etc.)
Online Sources

Do you regularly consume news from any organizations with a different political slant from your own views? Why or why not?

Yes, on the internet, because you need to know what’s out there and what the other side’s mindset is. However, I never watch the mainstream media on TV – CNN, MSNBC etc – unwatchable. When they don’t even try to hide their bias, it’s a massive problem. And anyone who disputes the liberal slant in the media today is being willfully ignorant.

Do you believe that all media has an inherit bias? Why or why not?

Yes, every individual presenting a news story will do it in a slightly different way, even if they don’t think they are. To be a smart consumer of news these days, you have to be able to discern the facts from the spin, and then come to your own conclusion.

What are your thoughts on the President using Twitter to reach the public directly?

It’s a great way to reach the public directly and completely unfiltered, because as discussed above, the media will no doubt twist words and have biases in regular news stories. However, he needs to stop tweeting about petty things that don’t really impact the country.

What suggestions do you have to help heal the divide in the country?

Unfortunately I don’t see us coming together any time soon, which is a shame, because I think Trump has the chance to do some great things, specifically with the economy, but he will NEVER get a fair shake from the far left, no matter what. When people are unwilling to concede success from the other side, there’s no coming together.

If there is any other topic you’d like to speak about, add it below.:



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