Better Know A Voter Spotlight: KFA, CO (3/18)

As part of an ongoing series, we’re asking readers to fill out our survey to see what issues are important to them. While we will eventually draw broader conclusions and summarize the results, we’re going to start by presenting individual voter’s answers. Today we’re highlighting the responses from KFA of Colorado



How old are you?


What state are you from?


What is your occupation?


What issue was most important to you in the 2016 presidential election? Why?

National debt. It’s out of control. It won’t get fixed anytime soon because both parties love to spend other people’s money.

For this election, it was tax & regulatory reform. Businesses are choking, and there’s incentives to send American jobs overseas. That has to stop, and it was never going to under Hillary

As of today, do you approve of the President’s performance? Explain:

A-, exception of course being the poor roll out of the travel ban. Other than that he’s done everything he said he would.

What are your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act?

Obamacare* lol. Has lots of good details like mandatory covering of preexisting conditions but has too many mandates aka required services that must be paid for which make insurance more expensive and many times are not suitable for the insured. If you want to make HC a federal issue vs states rights, then eliminate the state exchange requirements. Let free market competition take place across state lines among private insurers similar to auto, home, life etc. which drives prices down. Trump’s plan to cap drug costs which is in alignment with other developed countries is excellent because it solves the problem on both ends of income statement!

Do you believe the current U.S. immigration policy needs to change? If so, how?

Extreme non-discriminatory vetting of everybody, not just Mexicans and Middle East migrants. Real problem is legal immigration laws aren’t enforced. I favor the wall mostly to keep drug smuggling out. I favor an immigration policy where the benefit to USA exceeds the cost. Chemists and engineers from Europe and Asia should be first priority, followed by farming jobs that aren’t taken by Americans. In lieu of migrations and proper vetting, for those from troubled areas we should establish safe zones and have other countries pay for it. Trump says he will get UAE Qatar & Saudis to pay for them, I’d love to see it happen, but if it doesn’t it still doesn’t mean the alternative is to have them come to the US with less stringent immigration vetting.

Do you support cutting Medicaid and Social Security? Why?

No, I actually favor eliminating the cap on SS withholdings over ~$112k as a way to balance the budget & fund SS deficiencies. Income taxes would be lowered anyway which is what everyone gets hung up on. Medicaid however I would merge with the pending healthcare legislation. Honestly don’t know much about Medicaid, but it does seem like an opportunity for abuse is taking place so some kind of overhaul is necessary simply because of the trend in federal govt administering healthcare

What should the government’s role in energy production be?

Implement efficient strategies here simply to reduce our dependency on OPEC. Would create a robust industry in the USA. Obviously need reasonable environmental regulations but none that choke a competition advantage with OPEC

What do you believe the federal government’s top three priorities should be?Tax/regulatory reform (incl HC)
Paying down/renegotiating national debt
Immigration enforcement

Where do you get your news from? Please list any publications, channels, or websites you frequent:

Denver Post
Real Clear Politics
Fox News

Do you regularly consume news from any organizations with a different political slant from your own views? Why or why not?

I used to, but there’s an almost unavoidable editorializing in hard news reporting by CNN & the major networks which is designed to undermine President Trump to a point that it’s unwatchable. Fox News acted similarly out of control towards Obama.

Nothing pisses me off more than how all networks are political cheerleaders. It sucks. My brother watches very little cable news anymore as a Democrat, and he hates the Trump cabinet, but he cherry picks two Fox News programs. That should say it all about the liberal media, IMO.

Do you believe that all media has an inherit bias? Why or why not?

See above

What are your thoughts on the President using Twitter to reach the public directly?

Related to above; if he feels he has to communicate directly to his followers without the MSM [main stream media] filter I fully support that. That’s what Twitter was designed for (and why Twitter won’t ban DJT as some have suggested).

Obviously needs to stop with cheap shots. It’s one thing to call out Chuck Schumer, it’s another to let Meryl Streep bother you and give her relevancy you believe she doesn’t deserve.

What suggestions do you have to help heal the divide in the country?

Fine the hell out of the networks for blatant biased reporting (both sides). Take away FCC license. I know that blows up 1A but it starts and ends with that

If there is any other topic you’d like to speak about, add it below:


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