Better Know A Voter Spotlight: Steven, NY (3/25)

As part of an ongoing series, we’re asking readers to fill out our survey to see what issues are important to them. While we will eventually draw broader conclusions and summarize the results, we’re going to start by presenting individual voter’s answers. Today we’re highlighting the responses from Steven of New York.



How old are you?


What state are you from?

New York

What is your occupation?

Software Trainer

What issue was most important to you in the 2016 presidential election? Why?

Possible Supreme Court nominations. There was an open space and Ginsberg (and a lot of other justices for that matter) are older, and it frightens me we could be one of the only industrialized country in the world moving backwards on science, and getting less secularized.

As of today, do you approve of the President’s performance? Explain:

I don’t know how to answer this, because the policies (exec orders) he is trying to put in place, are what he said he would do, so even if I disagree with some or all of it, he is (at least trying) doing what he said.

The Media stuff and the fact that he is on twitter terrifies me to no end though

What are your thoughts on the Affordable Care Act?

I am completely against it and think that it is un-American and unconstitutional. That said, it is in place, and a government can’t just take health care away from millions of Americans without have some plan in place.

Do you believe the current U.S. immigration policy needs to change? If so, how?

Honestly the only reason I am against a wall is because it’s a stupid idea that would not work, however, at this point, the less immigration the better.

Do you support cutting Medicaid and Social Security? Why?


What should the government’s role in energy production be?

I don’t know enough to answer this properly, however, the environment is clearly an issue and the more we can find/use clean, renewable energy the better. I just don’t have enough of a grasp of the information to say what the government should or shouldn’t do about it.

What do you believe the federal government’s top three priorities should be?Infrastucture


Where do you get your news from? Please list any publications, channels, or websites you frequent:

-I’ll watch CNN if something is going on
-Whatever Facebook links i click on

Do you regularly consume news from any organizations with a different political slant from your own views? Why or why not?

Once in a while, I actually get more annoyed by people (celebrities, newscasters) that I agree with who are blowhards than with people I agree with. I get embarrassed that I have (some) of the same political opinions as an asshole like Michael Moore, way more than I get annoyed by listening a douchebag like Rush Limbaugh.

Do you believe that all media has an inherit bias? Why or why not?

I believe that every person has an inherit bias and because the media is no longer about getting people the news, but about selling itself that yes, there is an inherit bias in everything that gets consumed these days.

What are your thoughts on the President using Twitter to reach the public directly?

It’s disgusting (and I can’t think of a stronger word). He is the President of the United States, not a Kardashian, cut the bullshit.

What suggestions do you have to help heal the divide in the country?

Wow, this is a ridiculously complicated question. One thing is people, especially liberals, always want to have an honest dialogue about issues such as race, but then, the second you say something they don’t agree with, they shut down and call you a bigot. You are not going to change someones mind down the barrel of a gun, you change it by having a discussion, and if the second you say something that a person disagrees with you get attacked, the conversation is over.

That is a complete over simplification, but that, to me is a huge deal.

If there is any other topic you’d like to speak about, add it below:


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