Guest Post: Covfefe? Oh for duck’s sake.

by: Aaron Davis


It seems every other post from my liberal brethren contains this word this morning, in an effort to ridicule Trump for a typo he made in a tweet last night. I’d like to offer some perspective on this, for anyone who cares.

Screenshot credit: The Washington Post

If you are an intelligent, adult, voting American using a stupid typo to make fun of the president, please understand, this does not damage his credibility in the eyes of those who support him – it damages yours. You are coming across as petty high schoolers with nothing better to do than make fun of the kid in your class who wore mismatched socks.

I whole heartedly agree with you that Trump is bad for this country, and the world as a whole. But, if you are going get that message across to those who are still in his camp, you will not do so like this. When you ridicule Trump for a ‘lack of intelligence’, you inadvertently isolate and ridicule those who support him. This will not work out well for you, or for this country. Remember what 4 years of this ridicule did for Dubya?
It got him another 4 years.

For every ten posts I’ve seen about this typo, I’ve seen perhaps one about him pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement at the suggestion of his climate-changing-denying, head of the EPA.

This is not a time for pettiness. This is a time to come together, using intelligent conversation (preferably in person, and not on Facebook, wherever possible), and find common ground as Americans. We all want the basic same liberties. Let’s discuss those. Making fun of the other camp over trivial garbage will never bring us together.

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  1. Respectfully disagree. One of this president’s many weaknesses is his ego. If anything it’s probably bothering him more that he is mocked on social media for this even more than some of his other flubs. To me, he deserves this ridicule. He’s using his forum on twitter to spread propoganda and quite frankly, lies. This president has used twitter to call news “fake”, disparage people, and call one of our former presidents a felon. That is doing more to embolden his supporters than some ridicule. This also wasn’t just a typo. A typo would be “Despite the negative press coverige, I am going great”. That’s a typo. This was an irrational person, who holds the most powerful job in the world, “tweeting” nonsense. To the point of not being able to even finish his sentence. That to him, being on twitter at 12:08 am to spread most likely propoganda about the media is something he thinks he should be doing is quite unbelievable. If even one person who is not a “supporter” but voted for him and regrets it, now regrets it more because he sees his president as unfiit for office. I’m all for the mocking. His supporters have stood by him through all his lies (including firing an FBI director for investigating something he wanted closed). They are a lost cause. So is dialogue to be frank.

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