Those of you who know me best are aware that I never shy away from a political debate in person (particularly after a brew or two). However, I’ve never been particularly vocal about my political beliefs on social media. Truth be told, I’ve always feared alienating those who may not understand the context of a single Facebook or Twitter post. Too often I see responses to political posts expressing astonishment that the poster could possibly hold beliefs different from their own. I myself am guilty of that very judgment. “They ‘liked’ that article? I never would’ve taken them for a [insert political party or hot-button topic here] supporter. How could they possibly support that?” But being dismissive on that level helps no one. The level of political divisiveness in our country is huge and at times it can feel like we’re standing on opposite sides of a canyon, even when we’re within arm’s reach of each other. I want to bridge that canyon.

I honestly don’t know the best way to affect that kind of change, so I’m starting with my small piece of the world: my social media circle. I hope that those of you with whom I’m sharing this, my friends and family, will read these thoughts with the understanding that I am still the same person you have always known. Should you disagree with what I’ve written, either a single issue or completely outright, my hope is that we can come to a level of understanding. My promise is that I will hear you out and respect your right to your own opinion, regardless of our differences. All I ask is that you do the same for me. I will gladly engage in civil discourse with any of you, because what worries me most is that a day will come when open discussion is shunned completely in favor of hardline beliefs.  
Many of you may roll your eyes at the thought of yet another think piece, but I’m not trying to shout my thoughts into the ether. It’s you that I aim to connect with. I hope you’ll take the time to read and respond. Cheers.



Founder of The Goose